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Bulk Metal Detection ServicesFortress Phantom Bulk Metal Detection

Fortress Phantom Bulk Metal Detection: Bulk grains and pulses flow through the detection unit by gravity flow. All ferrous and non-ferrous contaminants are rejected.  Product free falls past a vacuum system to remove airborne dust.




Flour and Spice BlenderBlending Service

Ribbon Blender: Maximum 1000 lb. blend per batch. The blender is placed on load cells for accurate weight control. Ingredients are deposited into the blender. Ribbon blended ensures a consistent blend of dry ingredients.

Flour / Spice Blender: Constant blending of flour and spices. The ribbon blender is custom designed for 500 lb. batches and leaves no residue or unblended material on the bottom of the blender.



Carter Day Length GraderLength Grading Services

Carter Day Length Grader: To meet specific length specifications the our length grader is easily set to meet most parameters and removes small broken product.




Forsberg De-Stoner

De-Stoning Services

Forsberg De-Stoner: Intended for grains, pulses and rice. There are various screen sizes to ensure the maximum extraction of foreign material.




Packaging Services

Weigh Right PackagingConsistent Weighing

Weight Right: Exact weight scales for bulk packaging, retail and food service pack lines for fast and accurate, consistent and continuous weighing. Pre-made pouches with or without resalable application. Gusseted or not gusseted bags.



Emplex Sealing SystemBand Sealing

Emplex Sealing System Ink Jet Application: Clean, fast and consistent band sealing. BBD and Lot code applied via ink jet while going through the emplex sealer for consistent placement on the package.




Safeline Metal DetectionPackaged Metal Detection Services

Safeline Metal Detection: Suitable for packaged retail and food service pack sizes. The unit identifies metal contamination and stops the conveyor belt. Contaminated product is opened and contaminant is identified.  The last step before the product is in the customers hands.